Heartwarming rescue: Jogger heroically saves a puppy trapped in ocean rocks as the tide starts coming in

Jogger Helps Rescue Dog Buried Under Rocks on a San Francisco Beach

A one-year-old dog was given a second chance at life thanks to a keen-eared jogger in San Fransisco.

According to an Instagram post by the San Francisco Animal Care and Control, the young Springer Spaniel had been buried under large rocks on Ocean Beach.

The post explained that when the dog was discovered in the rocks, “It was low tide, and the water, while not very close at this point, was coming in.”

They continued, “It is beyond lucky that we even got this call: someone was jogging on the beach and thought he heard a muffled bark, turned around but no one, human or dog, was in sight. He decided to look around in the rocks, and he miraculously spotted a dog’s face looking up from under the rocks.”

After the dog was discovered, it was a race against the clock as the tide was slowly approaching the rock pile where the dog was trapped.

Jogger spots dog trapped under large rocks at Ocean Beach | KMPH

Thankfully, animal control said that “Officer Ortega was able to find her (no small feat in itself), move large rocks and pull her out.” The pup had already been reported as missing by her owner, so Officer Ortega was more than happy to drive the dog, who was named Gwen, back home.

They noted that she was “scared and cold, but otherwise OK.”

Jogger Helps Rescue Dog Buried Under Rocks on a San Francisco Beach


They’re unsure how she got in the tiny area, buried under rocks, but it’s possible that a large rock was displaced while she was walking around them and it fell, trapping her in. “However it happened, we’re so glad she’s now safe and sound at home!” animal control ended the post.