Heartwarming Rescue: Hikers Spot Wild Horse Trapped in Muddy Pit and Rally to Provide Much-Needed Help

A wild horse sank into the mud and was left behind by her herd. She likely would have died there if not for a group of friends traveling on a remote trail who happened to spot the filly and realized she was in deep trouble. The horse was struggling to get out of muddy 5-foot hole she was trapped in.

The Good Samaritans reached out to Help Alberta Wildies Society who came to help try and free her. They first tried to pull her out with ropes but that didn’t work. Then they tried to pull her out sideways but that didn’t work either.

Watch the video:

Even though the situation was stressful for the horse, she was so hungry she tried to nibble on the pieces of grass in front of her. So rescuers arranged to get her fresh hay while they worked to rescue her. After forty-five minutes of crawling around in the mud, rescuers finally managed to free the horse!




After she was freed from her muddy prison the horse was very shaky on her feet but her rescuers were confident she would recover. Job well done guys!


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