Heartwarming Images of a Mother Giving Birth to Her Seventh Child

Moet Nicole is a midwife and professional birth photographer with many years of experience. She has attended hundreds of births, and her Instagram profile is a rich portfolio with special photos of home births, water births, astral births, and cesarean births.



In one of his most recent posts, he wrote about the seventh birth to a mother. Ella Moet was also present at the birth of the family’s fifth and fourth child and, as she says, the office recently realized how true it is that her birth is like any other.

“Whether it’s June 1st or ?ℯ?th, it’s a special trip filled with long waits, hard work and joy. This family was one of the first I worked with as a maternity photographer, and I had the pleasure of capturing the birth of their fifth, ?ℯ?to and now seventh ????.

Like many other mothers with multiple births, she came to the birth center knowing labor was imminent. I think the more kids you have, the harder it is to spot those early signs. Every day and hour can happen, and you just know that ???? is not far away. The waiting period can be very fast, but you just have to know how fast it will go by when the time comes.

She did it. She made it and made it to the center, and soon after the ???? arrived. Maybe less than 45 minutes after we all fled to arrive.

I love these photos because this ???? could easily be the first. The same joy, the same love and the same astonishment accompany the families that celebrate their first birthday. It is diʋiпe every ʋez.

See the photos taken by Moet in the gallery below.

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