Heartstrings Reunited: Boy’s Joy Overflows as He Finds His Lost Dog, Mending the Broken Pieces of Their Bond

Earlier this week, 11-year-old Leandro’s whole world felt as though it had shattered. His best friend, a beloved dog named Mili, had gone missing from their home in Brazil.

Leandro and his family searched everywhere for the pup, but she was nowhere to be found.

But then that all changed.

Across town, a local fireman named Juninho Giugni was alerted to a dog found on the street all alone. The pup was wearing a clean sweater and appeared to be lost.

It was Mili.

Giugni suspected the dog was a missing pet and decided to keep her safe until her owners could be found — not realizing just how much that would mean to Leandro.

After asking around, Giugni came to learn of Leandro and his family’s desperate search for a dog who fit the description of the pup he’d rescued. And before long, he was able to track them down.

Giugni drove to the family’s home, where young Leandro sat out front with a broken heart.

“When we arrived, he was crying tears of relief,” Giugni told The Dodo. “Their reunion was magical.”

Here’s that moment on video:

Leandro was overjoyed to have Mili back safe in his arms.

“We were thrilled,” Giugni said. “Leandro told us that we saved the family.”

In his line of work, Giugni often comes to the aid of lost or distressed pets — but in Mili’s case, by setting things right, he got to witness a broken heart heal.

“Every day, I rescue animals,” Giugni said. “This one was special.”


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