Heart’s Triumph: French Bulldog Missing Leg Rescued from Meat Truck, Embarking on Journey of Love and Healing

Pearl the French bulldog was discovered on a meat truck in China by Slaughterhouse Survivors. The small dog was missing a front leg and in really bad shape.

Her rescuers weren’t optimistic, but she recovered a lot faster and a lot better than they thought she would. After 2 months, she was ready to fly to California for the second chapter in her life.

Her foster mom Leah, with California Road Dogs, learned right away that Pearl is a very easy-going dog. She got along really well with Leah’s pack.

Watch the video:

Leah noticed Pearl was uncomfortable getting around but didn’t complain. But she was determined to find her foster dog the best new home.

That’s when Ashley, who is a veterinarian, saw a photo of Pearl and knew she wanted to adopt her.

Shortly after, Pearl went on a road trip to meet her new family!