Heartbreaking Video: The poor dog had been tied in a yard, slowly starving to death gets a second chance at life

Working in animal rescue is both heartbreaking and rewarding. Rescuers are faced with tough situations on a regular basis, including stumbling upon terrible cases of neglect and abuse.

Rescuers at the Stray Rescue of St. Louis are used to finding dogs in dire need of help, but sometimes, an abuse case or animal sticks out more than others.

One such case involved a sweet pittie breed named Bingham. When rescuers found him, he was half-starved and covered in wounds.

The poor dog had been tied in a yard, slowly starving to death as his owner refused to offer him food or proper shelter and medical care. It’s unlikely Bingham would’ve survived long, so the rescuers quickly got him out of the yard and drove him straight to the vet.

The rescue wrote: “How on earth could we ever leave this angel behind? Looking at him and the miserable life he’s been chained up and forced to live brings us to our knees. The neglect and abuse he has faced is just disgusting. He is skin and bones and has open wounds all over his body. He’s been slowly starving to death…”

Despite the abuse he’d endured, Bingham was a loving, loyal dog. He just wanted a little compassion and food and that’s exactly what the rescue provided for him.

Now, he has a chance to live his best life with support and care from a qualified medical team. Once he’s strong enough, he can finally find his happily ever after.

He’s got a long road ahead of him to recover, but he’s off to a great start.

Check out the video below:


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