Heartbreaking Tale of Rejection: Daffodil’s Family Turns Her Away for Being Born Without Front Legs, a Story of Resilience Amidst Adversity

Humans and animals often experience the same treatment when deemed different or defective. They are either rejected or excluded, which can impact how they see themselves.

This is hard, especially for children, as it will alter their perspective of the world. As for baby animals, they may develop trust issues with humans or may not survive without a home. Daffodil, a Chihuahua puppy, had a tear-jerking story that began when her previous owner discovered that she was born without front legs.

She was rejected and was abandoned on the streets.

The tiny puppy was found in a heartbreaking state — alone in a soggy box in San Francisco. With Daffodil’s young age, she needs to be inside a warm home where she is provided with food and water.

However, numerous people passed, but the good Samaritan was still nowhere to be found. People thought she was cute at first sight, but they immediately turned a blind eye when they noticed she had missing front legs. Until a good-natured young man saw Daffodil’s state, and he did not hesitate to take her with him.

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When he took Daffodil to the SPCA, she was sick since she lacked nutrients and proper care. They couldn’t give a hundred percent assurance that the puppy would survive for long.

Surprisingly, Daffodil showed strength and vitality after receiving tender loving care from the shelter. She suddenly became a playful pup — as if she didn’t experience mean treatment from those she encountered at a young age. Staff from SPCA were inspired by her determination to live – a good pup deserves a chance in the world.

They thought of a plan for her to enjoy life even more — Daffodil was to receive a customized wheelchair. The staff took her measurements and built her wheels.

Two weeks later, Daffodil had her first wheelchair ride, which was epic! It was a relief that she was surrounded by supportive caretakers. She may have failed initially and fallen down several times, but they did not stop cheering for her. One of those caretakers is her current pet parent, Olivia.

Daffodil’s first memories may have been harsh, but the course of events led her to a much better home — to people who accepted her wholeheartedly. She did not just gain wheels; the adorable pup is now also under the care of a loving human. The young boy who brought her to the center and the efforts of SPCA caretakers deserves to be acknowledged.