Heartbreaking Tale of a Puppy with a Swollen Belly Left in a Cardboard Box

We’d like to think everyone cares for animals and would do their part to protect them, but we know that’s a far cry from reality.

The truth is, there are some people who are more than happy to turn a blind eye to an animal in need. Some people even inflict pain on animals intentionally or dump them on the streets like trash.

No one is sure what happened to a little puppy named Bean, but her upbringing was likely not great.

The small dog was found abandoned in a cardboard box. If that weren’t bad enough, the puppy was suffering from medical issues that caused her to have a huge stomach and swollen legs.

When rescuers got little Bean to the veterinarian, they discovered she was suffering from fluid in her stomach. It’s unclear what medical issues caused the fluid build-up, but it was hindering her quality of life greatly.

Thankfully, a little treatment went a long way and within a couple of days, Bean was ready to go home with her rescuers!

Bean continued to be on the mend, and eventually, she transformed into a whole new dog. Bean went from barely being able to move to being full of life and energy!

Thanks to a stomach-draining procedure, her belly was back to a healthy size and her legs were feeling good enough to carry her.

We’re so glad Bean got the help that she needed. Sometimes, it just takes one kind person to do the right thing and the life of an animal is changed forever.

Check out the video below:


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