The “crying” rhino that had its horn hacked off by poachers has been released back into the wild in South Africa.

The Southern White rhino, called Seha, was the only surviving victim out of five rhinos involved in a poaching attack back in 2016. Seha was left for dead and found by police two weeks later.

Following the attack, a picture of Seha with tears streaming down his face went viral, sparking outrage among animal lovers around the globe. Since his rescue, Seha was kept in a closely monitored paddock and underwent 30 operations for his injury.

Crying rhino
A picture of Seha crying after his attack went viral, sparking outrage among animal lovers. Simon Needham/Saving The Survivors
Seha was taken in by Saving The Survivors, a vet organization that rescues animals who have survived poaching attacks.

Tristan Wood, director of Saving the Survivors, told Newsweek: “Over half of rhinos succumb to their injuries and die after being attacked by poachers, because of the nature of the way poachers hack away,” he said. “The attack removed everything including parts of the skull. So he did have a horrific wound, but he managed to survive.