Heartbreaking Shelter: Terrified Mom Conceals Puppies Under Bus, Witnessing a Tearful Transformation as Rescuers Illuminate Their Lives Forever

When rescuers in Puerto Rico came to rescue a family of dogs they found the puppies shivering in the mud under a bus.

Nydia, from Love Of All Dogs, also wanted to rescue the puppies’ mama but she didn’t want to cooperate. But she and her fellow rescuers didn’t give up hope.

Watch the video:

They managed to get the mama, who they named Snow, and she continued to be a great mom to the puppies but scared of any human interaction.

Their rescuers wanted to fly the entire doggie family to the US so they could be adopted. Luckily, Elizabeth in New York agreed to foster them. When it came time for the puppies to be adopted they all went to wonderful homes. Elizabeth keeps in touch with their families and knows the pups couldn’t be happier.

Snow turned out to need surgery so her adoption was put on hold. But that worked in everyone’s favor as she gradually came out of her shell and learned to trust people. Eventually, a good friend of Elizabeth’s fell in love with Snow and adopted her.

It’s so wonderful to see how perfectly it worked out for the entire family!