Heartbreaking Resilience: Wounded Mama Dog Strives to Care for Newborn Puppies, Demonstrating Unyielding Motherly Love

Diasozo Animal Rescue received a call about an injured mama dog struggling to care for her puppies. When they found Souzi and her pups, they were being swarmed by flies and lying on concrete. Souzi looked warily at her would-be rescuers when they began to handle her newborn puppies and she was clearly in pain, licking her wounds.

“She’s a fantastic mum, barely taking her eyes off her four pups when we found her crawling with fleas and in constant pain from a fractured leg, nursing directly on a cold concrete floor in a yard,” Ermioni, one of the founders of DAR Animal Rescue, wrote on Facebook.

Making sure to keep her babies close by, Ermioni and the rescuers drove Souzi to the vet to get examined. X-rays revealed that Souzi had a fractured paw. She began living at the clinic so they could keep an eye on her leg as she recovered.

Ermioni said, “Her recovery has gone really well, and in our video you’ll see her puppies open their eyes and start exploring…the four of them are quite a handful for her these days!”

Now that Souzi is on the mend, DAR Animal Rescue is looking for a forever family for her.

“We’re looking for an adoption offer for Souzi (and her puppies when old enough), and she’ll be neutered, blood tested, fully vaccinated and microchiped, and will make a lovely addition to anyone’s home… you can see what a great nature she has in our video, where she lets us handle her no problem, despite her obvious pain and not knowing what was happening. Interested? Questions? Please message us (on Facebook) or email rehoming (at) diasozoanimalrescue.com.


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