Heartbreaking Realities of Wildlife Food Poisoning as Elephant Begs for Life in Agonizing Tragedy

Hakka patas is explosives used to kill small animals like deer and boars, which could damage crops. However, when it explodes in an elephant’s mouth, it does not kill the animal but injures it severely. This poor elephant has also been trapped in a mouth bomb trap which exploded in its mouth, leaving its parts severely injured.

As soon as the wildlife team reached the spot, they started preparing the medicines. The elephant wandering in the greens was suffering from intense pain. The mouth bomb trap was so severe that it completely damaged one of its cheek muscles. The wound was worsened by the bees and dirt that gathered on it.

However, the wildlife team approached the injured elephant and sprinkled the medicine over its wound through a syringe. The elephant was a bit nervous initially, but soon it settled with the team members and let them do its first aid. The team started by cleaning the dirt and dust from the wound and continued by applying medicines to it.


When an elephant suffers from such a wound, it is evident that it becomes unable to eat and drink. This makes it weak and ultimately leads to a painful death. Death occurs when the animal suffers from intense pain and cannot eat or drink, resulting from a combination of both pain as well as hunger.


Although the elephant was small and did not resist the approaching men much, they still restrained it by tying its limbs for added safety. They sprinkled medicines and painkillers on the wounds so that they would get better soon.


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