Heartbreaking Moment: Mother Moose Fearlessly Shields Her Calves from the Threat of a Grizzly Bear in a Remarkable Display of Motherhood, But…

Watch a Moose Mother Protect Her Baby from a Grizzly in Glacier

Visitors to Glacier National Park in Montana this past Spring, they witnessed an amazing wildlife encounter from their hotel.

A moose is eating in the lake with her young calf nearby and just a few hundred feed away is a grizzly bear!

Grizzly Bear Grabbing Moose Calf From Right In Front Of Its Mother Is Proof That Nature Is Brutal | Whiskey Riff

The person who filmed the video wrote, “Right outside of Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park, a moose gave birth to two calves. Almost immediately a grizzly began stalking them day and night.”

On this particular occasion, the grizzly decides to be bold but the mother moose won’t have it.

When the grizzly backs off, the moose makes doubly sure the grizzly doesn’t think of coming back. By the end of the video you can see she has two young ones to protect!

GRAPHIC: Video Shows Grizzly Bear Taking a Moose Calf in Montana

The videographer filmed it from the balcony and said they filmed more than one interaction between the grizzly and moose.

Viewer Corey commented on the video, “In my time in the woods here in North Idaho, I think I have more fear/respect for a momma moose with cubs than any other dangerous critter out there. Moose are an amazing, powerful, silent, and dangerous beast.”

Moose Turns The Tables On Grizzly At Glacier National Park - Unofficial Networks

Another person agreed. Shawn FG wrote, “Moose can be quite intimidating and if you haven’t seen the adults in person you don’t get how big they are. I’ve done a good bit of hiking through moose country (Montana, Wyoming, New Hampshire etc). One morning very early just as the sun was coming up I saw a big bull moose come out from the treeline to a little grazing area. I grabbed my camera and approached the area trying to get a shot. From behind a line of trees came this enormous snort/bellow. I took off running like a cartoon character lol and never looked back.”


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