Heartbreaking moment baby monkey fearfully clings to it’s mom as lion sinks teeth into her body

Heartbreaking moment baby monkey clings to deаd mum as lion sinks teeth into her Ьɩood-soaked body

THIS is the heartbreaking moment a baby monkey clung onto its dead mum as her lifeless body hung from a lion’s mouth.

Photographer and safari guide Hendri Venter, 60, captured the brutal moment at South Africa’s Zimanga Private Game Reserve.

The 400-pound lion sinks its teeth into the lifeless body of the mother monkey as her baby hopelessly holds onCredit: Mediadrumimages / Hendri Venter

The baby monkey gripping onto its dead motherCredit: Mediadrumimages / Hendri Venter

Another lion in the pride attempts to steal the preyCredit: Mediadrumimages / Hendri Venter

“As a safari guide, I’ve seen many cruel wildlife encounters, but this tops them all by far,” Hendri said.

“Nature – as wonderful and incredible as it can be – can also be frightful, even bordering on atrocious but this is the reality of it.

“Life and death play out in all of our lives. It’s never easy.”

In one picture, the tiny one-pound money stares forlornly into the camera as it grips onto what is left of its mother’s blood-soaked body.

The 400-pound lion can be seen sinking its teeth into its prey as the baby monkey holds on in the hopes of surviving.

In another image, a second lion attempts to join in on the action sending the baby monkey tumbling off its mother before meeting its gruesome end.

Hendri captured the horrifying images from just 65-foot away from the feeding lions.

In the space of less than a minute, the lion had both caught and devoured the unfortunate mother – whilst another lion from the pride snatched and ate the baby.

“I was on a game drive with guests following a pride of seven lions when I noticed one of the males chasing something into the shrub,” Hendri recalled.

“He turned around and I instantly noticed the monkey. I quickly grabbed the camera.

“It definitely stirs up emotions seeing a helpless baby cling on to the lifeless body of its mother when there is nothing you can do to help.

“One of the lion’s younger brothers also wanted a piece and eventually got hold of the baby which he then killed and ate.”

The heartbreaking pictures were taken at Zimanga Private Game Reserve in South AfricaCredit: Mediadrumimages / Hendri Venter

Another lion snatched the baby monkey and ate itCredit: Mediadrumimages / Hendri Venter


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