Heartbreaking: Loyal dog patiently waits two years at the same spot despite of sun or rain, hoping for its owner’s return

Xiao Huang, an immensely devoted canine, was left behind by his owner in southern Taiwan nearly two years ago.

This act of abandonment stirred the emotions of local residents, who were captivated by Xiao Huang’s unwavering loyalty as he patiently endured unfavorable weather conditions in the same location, hoping for a reunion with his beloved master. Eventually, the determined endeavors of the stray animal aid association in the city brought about a heartwarming resolution to Xiao Huang’s remarkable tale.

The touching narrative of Xiao Huang’s loyalty unfolded on a rainy day when he was heartlessly deserted near Kaohsiung’s Museum of Fine Arts. The sight of this unfortunate creature, left by the roadside divider, facing an uncertain fate, moved the hearts of the community.

Despite experiencing hunger and enduring hardships, Xiao Huang’s steadfast devotion became evident as he firmly declined food and assistance from well-meaning passersby. He remained rooted in that very spot, clinging to the hope that his master would one day return.

During his lengthy wait, Xiao Huang resourcefully crafted a makeshift shelter by diligently excavating a 90cm-wide hole in the ground.

At a certain point in his vigil, Xiao Huang’s heart skipped a beat when he caught sight of a motorcyclist who bore a striking resemblance to his former owner. Filled with excitement, he eagerly pursued the passing rider, tragically resulting in a broken leg. Undeterred by the injury, Xiao Huang’s unwavering hope continued to propel him forward.

Finally, after enduring a challenging two-year wait, on June 25th, the city’s stray animal aid association intervened and rescued the abandoned dog. Reluctant to leave the spot he had called home for so long, it required the combined efforts of the rescue team and the administration of a gentle tranquilizer to ensure Xiao Huang’s safe transportation to a veterinary clinic.


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