Heartbreaking Footage: Doe’s Heartbreaking Sacrifice as Bobcat Attacks, Leaving Her Fawn Behind in Arizona’s Scenic Wilderness

Just in terms of cinematography, this is one of the best nature videos you’ll ever see.

Greg Joder is a wildlife enthusiast who places cameras through the hills of Arizona in hopes of capturing clips of wild animals and one he was able to get a few months ago shows just how quickly things can change from good to bad in the wild.

The camera was capturing a beautiful scene from the top of an Arizona mountain and at first it’s nothing but peace and quiet as a doe and her fawn drink some water with no sign that awful things are just around the corner.

At some point, the mother deer starts sensing that there’s danger lurking and begins stamping her feet on the ground, but it doesn’t dissuade the still unknown predator from attacking.

That predator turns out to be a bobcat who bursts from the bottom of the shot and goes right for the fawn.

At first, the mother halfheartedly tries to fight off the bobcat, but after she takes a tumble and the cat latches onto her baby’s neck, all hope is lost and she runs for the hills to save herself, leaving the fawn to be eaten by the feline.

Not going to lie, it’s a bit hard to watch. Not because of the vicious nature of the bobcat, that’s how they stay alive, but because the mother barely does anything to stop it. We’ve seen some mothers go all out to try and save their children before but this one was having none of it and decided to prioritize her own safety and let her child go.

Rough stuff, but such is life.


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