Guardian Mother: Incredible Display of Mama Bear’s Courage as She Fights to Protect Her Cubs from a Hungry Wolf Pack

Predator becomes the prey.

It’s not to often you see a bear fighting with their backs against the wall, but it can happen.

More often than not the bear has the upper hand and is the one on offense.

But, nature is a wild and unpredictable place.

A female black bear will weigh, on average, around 150-pounds, while wolves only about 110-pounds. A large wolf can get up to 150-pounds, so even the biggest of them have an even match-up with most bears. A grizzly sow on the other hand can clock in around 300 pounds.

Wolves typically stay clear of bears, but if food sources are low and there’s an opportunity, especially with young involved, you best believe they will have a go at it.

A mother bear, who looks rather thin, has three cubs to look after, and a whole wolf pack to defend them against. The cubs are too young to understand the danger, and too small to be any real help.

The wolves surround the bears and begin their attack. The mother bear keeps the cubs together and puts herself between the attacker and the cubs.

The mother bear has her head on swivel catching every attempt of the attack.

Each time a wolf goes for it, she gets in front of them and stops it. The wolves are relentless but so is this mother’s love.

As they try to attack, the wolves tire out and slow down.

The video ends with them still surrounded, but the mother bear seems to have defend successfully. No wolf wants to take a big ol’ bear paw to the face and this mama has a whole lotta fight in her.

What an encounter.