Golfers’ Nightmare: Witnessing Epic Battle as Two Alligators Clash for Supremacy on Florida Golf Course, A Terrifying Display

Typically when you see fights on the golf course, it’s because somebody caught their playing partner cheating, or somebody is butthurt about losing some big time money because they’re having a bad round… or, you know… alcohol.

But this right here?

Nah, this is something you’re lucky (or not so lucky) to catch in a lifetime.

If you’re playing golf down by the coast, then there’s one thing you need to know about every single pond that’s out on the course…

There’s probably an alligator lurking in the water somewhere, and if you hit your ball in one of those ponds, just move along. The $5 ball just isn’t worth an arm, leg, or your life.

I mean sheesh, we recently saw an 85-year-old woman tragically pass away after a gator leapt out of a pond in her neighborhood, and pulled her into the water.

And every now and then, you’ll see a gator make its way across a golf hole, and that’s when you really need to keep your distance.

In this video taken at The Eagles Golf Course in Tampa, Florida, you see one of those rare times where the gator is sitting outside of a pond on the course. But what’s even more rare is the fact that there are two of them, and they’re fighting to the death.

You can see one of the 11-foot gators slinging the other around, and appears to chomp down on its neck. At one point, the golfer holding the camera even finds a gator tooth that came loose in the madness.

At first, it looked like the gator was dead, until finally the other released it, and jumped back into the water.

However, the gator that nearly died appears to want some more smoke, and jumps back into the water and goes face to face with the other once again, but the video ends there.

Not gonna lie, aside from the wild fight, I can’t believe how close the guy filming got to these things. I mean seriously, he was only a couple of feet away at one point.

Check it out:


Monster Gator Roams Golf Course In Southern Florida

Dinosaurs are apparently back to freely roaming the Earth as they once did millions of years ago

Filmed in Naples, Florida, this absolute beast of an animal was seen just taking a casual stroll across the tee box at Valencia Golf and Country Club.

Some say that it’s just a big alligator, meanwhile others have suggested that dinosaurs from another dimension have landed on Earth and are indeed back to terrorize all of humanity. I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here…

And of course this is Florida… why does everything crazy happen in Florida?

From a guy on bath salts eating another dude’s face off at Disney World, to giant reptiles wandering golf courses during a rainstorm, you’re always in for something crazy.

I get why old people move there as soon as they retire. They’re old, bored out of their minds and already seen everything there is to see in Iowa or wherever they’re from. They need a little excitement, a little danger, a little something to get the blood pumping before they just waste away.


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