From Trash to Triumph: Rescued Starving Husky, Found Dumped in a Bag, Takes Heartwarming First Steps into Freedom and Recover

Nanook is lucky to be alive. New York City police found the husky dumped in a garbage bag in a parking lot. The dog was so emaciated and injured she was hanging on by a thread.

Nanook was found in an emaciated state.

She could barely lift her head and was covered with infected wounds when AMA Animal Rescue was asked to help her.

Nanook when she was first found. AMA Animal Rescue

Nanook was found in an emaciated state.

They learned from the emergency veterinarians that not only had Nanook been starved (she weighed a mere 14 lbs), she had likely been kept in a small confined space because she had substantial pressure wounds on her legs and her muscles had atrophied.

Thought to be around 4 to 5 years old, Nanook has a long recovery ahead of her but just one month on since her rescue, AMA Animal Rescue has been astounded by her will to live.

AMA Animal Rescue

“To say we’re impressed with Nanook’s strength is to say nothing,” they write on Facebook. “We are absolutely astonished by her will power.”

A few weeks after she arrived into their care, rescuers shared a video of Nanook walking. Her gait is still unsteady but that she is able to walk is a miracle in and of itself!

“She went from not [being] able to lift her body to walking in a matter of weeks! And even though she still stumbles, still struggles at times, we have complete confidence in her ability to persevere,” AMA Animal Rescue writes. See for yourself!”

And a few weeks after her first walk, Nanook was finally fully vaccinated and strong enough “to venture for her first walk outside.”

Her rescuers share, “She was so curious and excited about everything, it was very heartwarming to watch her explore the world…”

Now, roughly a month after her rescue, AMA Animal Rescue announced that Nanook is looking for her forever home!

“Thanks to the dedicated care and daily exercises with her amazing fosters, Nanook is now able to walk confidently, although her hind legs are still wobbly and she has a long road to full recovery. The next step in her journey is physical water therapy, which will be a few months process.”

“Because we’re not exactly sure how long Nanook’s therapy will take, we’d like to find her forever family now, so they can take her on a foster-to-adopt basis.”

The family will need to take Nanook to her therapy sessions and work with the AMA to rehabilitate Nanook fully. The group shares, “Nanook is amazing with people, but she’s not comfortable around small animals such as cats or small dogs. She’s curious and excited about large dogs, but she needs help learning how to properly introduce herself. Therefore, Nanook needs an experienced adopter who can help her learn the ropes of being the good girl she’s always meant to be.”

If you’d like to help save more lives just like Nanook’s visit AMA Animal Rescue’s website to make a donation.


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