Sparrow is a pit bull and his long road to recovery started in May 2022 when Soha Al-Awadhi discovered him lying on the roadside.

Sparrow the pit bull rescued

Al-Awadhi is a volunteer at the Bahrain Animal Rescue Center. She told Newsweek: “I received a pin location and a short video of a dog walking at a distance accompanied by an urgent request for help from a woman who, although very concerned, genuinely apologized that she simply would not be able to afford vet bills or take the dog in.”

Picture of Sparrow, a pit bull, just after being rescued by Soha Al-Awadhi from Bahrain Animal Rescue Center, left, and a picture of Sparrow after receiving months of medical treatment. “This temperament is sweet and loving and a total cuddle bug,” Al-Awadhi told Newsweek. Soha Al-Awadhi

Despite housing 357 dogs at the rescue center, Al-Awadhi said she could not leave the animal in need and approached the location.

“I followed the pin, lowering my window and asking people if they had seen the dog in question and circling the area with eyes peeled and my heart sinking,” she said. After over half an hour of searching for the injured dog, Al-Awadhi said she was ready to give up when a child chased her down the street and said he had found the dog.