From Starvation to Trust: Pittie’s Heartwarming Journey to Healing, Embracing Life Again After Rescuers Offer Second Chance

Hope wasn’t in good shape when Kreitzer’s Critter Corral Puppy Rescue in Kannapolis, North Carolina, met her.

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The rescue shared on Facebook that the pup was rescued by a Good Samaritan after being abandoned in a cage outside.

The Good Samaritan brought Hope to a veterinarian, where they discovered she was “emaciated, weak, dehydrated, covered in her own filth, and severely anemic from hookworms.” They said, “She has sores on her feet and tail from sitting/standing in her own feces and urine.

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She stands hunched over from being confined in a cage too small for her to fully stand in. She required an immediate life-saving blood transfusion – thank you to the staff member and their personal dog (who donated blood to Hope).”

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Thankfully, the rescue stepped up to care for Hope and were determined to give her the best fighting chance at life. Speaking with The Dodo, the rescue’s social media coordinator, Cindy Simmons, said, “She had clearly been kept like this for quite some time. Not just a few hours or even a few days.”

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Along with receiving around-the-clock medical care, the staff at the rescue ensured Hope was offered the most comfortable bed with soft blankets and stuffed animals!

As staff with the rescue observed her, they noticed that she suffered not only from signs of neglect but from obvious signs of abuse as well. Hope proved to be especially cautious around men at first, though she ever so slowly started to trust.

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It took a lot of care and patience and love, but Hope slowly recovered. She started to put on weight and learned to play and live the life of a dog well-loved!

In February, Kreitzer’s Critter Corral Puppy Rescue was pleased to announce that Hope had finally been adopted.

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They said, “Super special adoption announcement that we know you all will be excited about. Hope’s journey with us came to an end last weekend when she was adopted into a wonderful home! Her family, and previous adopters, is smitten with her (hard to not be, right?) and everyone is doing great!”

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