Frightened and Cold Dachshund Awaits an Owner Who Doesn’t Return, but Happiness Awaits Just Around the Corner

Is there anything more heartbreaking than a dog not wanting to leave the spot they were abandoned in because they think its owner might come back for them? This beats all contenders for weepy scenarios in our book. Because they can’t comprehend what’s happening to them or that the person they love so much could do this to them, they just stay put on the off chance a miracle could be in the works.

Rescue Animals

Well, for one frightened dachshund who couldn’t stop shaking from fear and cold, a miracle did happen when a woman named Olena at Love Furry Friends Rescue swooped in to save her. It turns out a woman in Ukraine called Lyudmila notified the folks at Love Furry Friends Rescue of the situation in the hope that they may be able to help the animal.

Olena arrived to do whatever she could and found the disoriented little dog begging for food in a makeshift shelter built by some market people selling their wares in the bitter cold.

Winter in Ukraine

The dog’s name was Barbara, and she couldn’t stop shaking when they first met. Lyudmila managed to pull Barbara out of the cardboard box she was hiding in and hand her over to Olena, who took the dog to be seen by a vet. This is the first thing she does with each of the animals she tries to help.

But before Olena could leave, Lyudmila shed tears of joy at the thought of the dog being rescued, knowing that Barbara was going to a better life without fear or suffering.

Veterinary Practitioners

At the clinic, the veterinarian there found three tumors on Barbara’s mammary glands that needed to be removed via surgery. She was taken home to await the procedure, where she could get a good meal, a warm bath, and a comfy bed to get some rest in before heading back. She was so happy after a nice, long soak that she couldn’t contain herself and spent the next 5-10 minutes gleefully rolling around on a clean blanket afterward. Free of grime and external parasites, she was a happy girl, to be sure!

Pet Supplies

There was also a store run where Barbara got to go shopping with Olena for pet supplies and a fluffy new puffer jacket with a hood trimmed in faux fur to keep her warm. She seemed quite pleased with her purchases and gladly wore her new duds home, as well as the matching blue collar and leash that was purchased for her. She appeared like a new dog, and life was definitely looking up — especially with a new toy to play with and yummy treats to enjoy.

Go for a Walk?!

Barbara knew how to walk on a leash, so she was certainly someone’s pet at some point. No one knows for sure how she ended up the way she did, but fortunately, there are people in this world who cannot turn a blind eye to suffering. Barbara even got to spend Christmas with Olena and all of the rescue dogs she’s saved that still haven’t found forever homes. In the meantime, they’ve got it good right where they’re at.

If you’d like to support their work, you can go to @lovefurryfriends to learn more about the ways you can make a difference. Like Greater Good Charities, their mission is to improve the lives of those in need. You can also enquire about adopting Barbara at [email protected]. Watch her video below.


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