Freedom from Torment: Lame-Legged Elephant, Once Enslaved in Labor, Finds Heartbreaking Liberation and Relief from a Life of Fear

Kabu the elephant has not had an easy life. She was injured a a calf, but still forced to work for the illegal logging trade despite a lame leg.

Her plight came to the attention of Lek Chailert, founder of Save Elephant Foundation. Upon seeing Kabu’s condition, Lek set out to find her. The lame elephant worked very high in the mountains in Thailand and when Lek saw her she could see the fear and confusion in the elephant’s eyes.

Kabu got hurt as a baby when she was forced to follow after her mother, who was working hauling logs out of the forest. Her leg became hurt when a log rolled down the hill and crushed it. It didn’t heal properly, but she was still forced to work.

Lek managed to negotiate Kabu’s freedom, and soon plans were underway to bring her back to the Elephant Nature Park.

“With a weeks worth of preparations and 2 days spent searching the jungle we were able to rescue Kabu the elephant,” The Elephant Nature Park writes. “It was a 24 hour round trip to bring Kabu from Tak province in West Thailand to Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai.

Now Kabu has a fresh start where she will no longer be abused. We and volunteers are very proud of this rescued elephant and honored to provide her with a new life.”

On year after she was rescued, Kabu has settled into a relaxed life and is surrounded by people who love her. She has her own mud pit that she loves and protects. And she does lots of eating too!


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