Former Navy Admiral Backs Up UFO Whistleblower Claims Of Encounters With ‘Non-Human Intelligence’. He claims discovery off California coast ‘could be underwater UFO base’

Former United States Navy Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet says he believes UFO whistleblowers like David Grusch are telling the truth about governmental “non-human” retrieval missions.

“This technology, we’re still trying to learn about and it could give us an advantage in any military conflict,” Gallaudet told NewsNation.

“That’s a good reason not to disclose the nature of the technology. I think for the foreseeable future, we don’t want to release and disclose all of the technology that we’ve recovered.

“However, I think it’s about time that we do disclose that we are in contact with non-human intelligence, that’s what needs to be put out there in the public.”

Gallaudet also added, regarding these UFOs, “We’re being visited by non-human intelligence with technology we really don’t understand and with intentions we don’t understand either.”

The 56-year-old oceanographer has served as the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere within the U.S. Department of Commerce, as well as Acting Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Acting Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

He also claims to have seen footage of UFOs while he was on active duty in the Navy.

“I learn now that these were occurring in training airspace and causing near mid-air collisions. So that safety issue is important,” he told NewsNation. “But the Navy didn’t do anything about it. Then they actually pulled back that email from my computer on the secret network.”

This past August, investigative journalist Michael Shellenberger claimed that “up to 30” UFOs have been recovered by the United States government since World War II.

In November, an anonymous whistleblower claimed he knew of at least nine different occasions in which the CIA conducted UFO retrieval missions of “non-human” crafts.

He claimed that when one of these UFOs crash or be brought down “special military units are sent to try to salvage the wreckage.”

These retrieval missions have all allegedly been facilitated through the Office of Global Access, a wing of the CIA’s Science and Technology Directorate, since 2003, he claimed.

And just this week, a former defense aerospace contractor claimed that in the 1980s a silverish gray, egg-shaped, metallic-looking UFO about the size of an SUV was seen inside of Area 51.


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