Flight into the Unknown: Wizz Air Flight Attendant Films ‘Purple UFO’ Outside Window, Strengthening Belief in Alien Existence

Denisa Tanase, 36, was working on a flight from Luton to Syzmany in Poland when spotted a “weird shape UFO” out of the window –which her family are convinced is aliens

UFO' whizzes past Poland-bound airplane, video shows

A Wizz Air flight attendant has shared a video online showing what she believes to be a “weird shape UFO” in the sky while she was onboard a flight over Europe.

Denisa Tanase, a flight attendant for Wizz Air, was surprised when she spotted an unidentified flying object while at work – and her family are now convinced it’s aliens. The 36-year-old just happened to capture the strange object on her mobile phone as she was recording the stunning view from the window of a flight from Luton to Syzmany in Poland.

Wizz Air flight attendant films 'UFO' flashing pink in sky during trip from UK airport - Mirror Online

To her amazement, when Denisa viewed her footage, there appeared to be an unexplained object zipping across the sky. The Corby, Northants-based air stewardess said: “I’ve been a flight attendant for a year and have never seen anything like this.”

The UFO that Denisa spotted in the air on a flight from Luton airport to Port Lotniczy Olsztyn Mazury in Szymany, Poland, January 11 2024.

The UFO that Denisa spotted in the air on a flight from Luton to Poland on January 11 (Image: Denisa Tanase / SWNS)

Furthermore, she added: “I couldn’t see anything with my bare eyes. But when I checked the video 20 minutes later I spotted it and I spoke to the pilot to ask if they knew anything.”

In reaction to the discovery, everyone aboard seemed bewildered, including the pilots who had not noticed any turbulence or peculiarities whilst flying. Even more intriguing, Denisa described the UFO as a “weird shape, like a circle flashing pink.”

Denisa Tanase, 36

Denisa Tanase, 36, was shocked whe she spotted the “weird shaped pink UFO” while at work (Image: Denisa Tanase / SWNS)

She added: “At first we thought maybe it was a reflection of our pink uniform but on the video you can see the motion – you can see it’s flying.” Regardless of the puzzling incident, the mum-of-two wasn’t alarmed by what she recorded.

Infact, she felt thrilled to capture something that she believes strongly reinforces her belief in extra-terrestrial lifeform. She admitted: “I was just happy that I got something on film — I thought how is this possible?”

The UFO that Denisa spotted in the air on a flight from Luton airport to Port Lotniczy Olsztyn Mazury in Szymany, Poland, January 11 2024.

The flight attendant’s family are “convinced it’s aliens” (Image: Denisa Tanase / SWNS)

Wrapping up her thoughts on the odd occurrence, she stated: “I’ve seen stuff before on the internet and thought hmm this could be photoshop but I had it on video myself.

Denisa Tanase, from Corby, Northamptonshire, grabbed her phone and took a video, but thought nothing more of it. But when she reviewed the footage 20 minutes later, she saw an unidentified object

“Now I definitely believe more than before. My family and friends think it is definitely aliens — my husband said you’re my wife, I believe you.”

After her UFO encounter while working for Wizz Air last week, Denisa hasn’t spotted any more unidentified things in the sky but she’s carrying on with her job as usual.


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