Fearless Team Tranquilizes Mountain Lion Trapped 50ft Up Tree, Safely Returns it to Wild in California

A mountain lion had to be rescued after it got stuck up a tree outside a house in California.

The big cat was spotted outside the home in the Southern California desert by the shocked resident on Saturday.

The huge mountain lion was seen resting in a tree in the back yard on the edge of the San Bernardino mountains

Rescuers had to climb 50ft up the tree and lower the cougar from the branches after tranquilizing the wild animal

State Department of Fish and Wildlife Warden Rick Fischer said it is not uncommon for mountain lions to wander outside their habitat in the nearby mountains.

He added: ‘Leaving the lion in the tree would not have been safe for the community.

The puma was sedated by rescuers and given a check-up before being released back into the wild

The cougar was so high up firefighters had to use ladders to be able to tranquilize the animal

‘Once the lion regained consciousness we ensured he safely returned to his suitable habitat.’

Kevin Brennan, a biologist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, said: ‘It is common for young mountain lions to wander outside what some would consider normal habitat in an attempt to establish their territory.’

Attacks on humans are rare but the big cats will prey on pets and livestock.

The puma had to be tranquilized then lowered 50ft with a harness. It was then given medical checks before being released back in to the wild


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