Extraterrestrial Encounter in Utah: Eyewitness Reports Alien Appearance on Mountain near Baker Hot Springs, Igniting UFO Sighting Speculation, January 7, 2024

Now this is a strange one and the rarest of the rare encounters. A person was is a desolate location in Utah where there are only a few dirt roads when they looked up on the hill and saw a tall person with a very large head. When I added light to the photo, it reveled a violet thin robe and an almost religious stance…like Jesus. Also the neck is very long and thin. No face can be made out, however we may be looking at it from behind.

Also know, this is Utah, my current home since Taiwan is in jeopardy of being taken over by China. Right now it’s snowing in Utah out my window…as I write this and yesterday was colder than today at 26-34F temperatures.

This has all the signs of being a real alien. Also know, there were a few other alien sightings this week, aliens may be deciding on revealing themselves very soon. Remember the alien video from Miami, Florida last week? Or the video from a Brazil island? Yeah…I see a pattern, they are pushing a big reveal soon.

You guys! I’m not big on ufos or aliens buy wth do you think this is?! We were out at baker hot springs (very desolate area) and were hiking around and saw this. My husband wouldn’t let me hike up the mountain to see haha. Creepy af and I’m wondering if someone just set it up.




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