Emotional Reunion: Orangutan, Rescued After Losing Arm in Ten-Day Snare Ordeal, Liberated Back into the Wild

This is the heart-warming moment an orangutan who lost an arm after it became trapped in a snare for ten days is released back into the wild.

Road to recovery: Male orangutan Pelansi had to have his hand and part his arm amputated after it became trapped in a hunter’s snare

Fear: Animal medics were worried Pelansi wouldn’t pull through when he was first found as his condition was so severe

Complex: Animal medics had to perform difficult surgery to remove Pelansi’s hand and arm which could not be saved

Horrifying: Pelansi had tried to gnaw his own hand off in a desperate attempt to be free from the snare

Following months of treatment and rehabilitation he is now fully recovered and is back where he belongs in the forests of West Kalimantan in Indonesian Borneo.

Emergency: Medics from International Animal Rescue battle to save Pelansi who was severely dehydrated after being trapped by the snare for around ten days

Desperate: Pelansi’s future had looked bleak when he was first found by the International Animal Rescue Team

Back in the swing of it: Pelansi is expected to live a normal life after having his hand and part of his right arm amputated

Under threat: Campaigners say Pelansi’s story is a telling example of how orangutans are being threatened by the palm oil industry in Borneo

‘Pelansi’s story is cause for celebration, not only because his life has been saved, but also because his reintroduction into the wild is a small but symbolic step in support of orangutan conservation.’

Desperate: Pelansi has had months of intensive treatment and rehabilitation after surgery to amputate his hand and arm

Delighted: The International Animal Rescue team said they were pleased that they were able to release Pelansi back into the wild

The team: The rescuers who found Pelansi and saved his life in the forests of Borneo

Happy: Pelansi is said to have fully recovered after the trauma of losing his arm


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