Emotional moment as gorilla embraces man who rescued her as a baby during her final moments

Ndakasi is no longer with us, but she will not be forgotten ❤️

It seems she never forgot her [gr.ief] 😔 of [lo.ss] that she left young age but with her loving carer!This gorilla’ story is one of kindness and love, despite her tr.aum.atic origins.

Ndakasi, a 2-month-old gorilla. She’d been discovered holding her mother’s [bo.dy], whose life had been hun.ted in the Congolese for.est by po.ac.hers in 2007.

Fortunately, Ndakasi meets Andre Bauma, who rescues her from the bushes. Andre is the one who is always by Ndakasi’s side and hugs her to his bare chest to keep her warm and comfort her.Andre Bauma is the keeper of the park’s gorilla nursery and the person in charge of Ndakasi.

Ndakasi was photographed in the presence of those who loved her in a lovely selfie published by the park.She grew up happy and healthy under the care of the orp.hanage staff. However, the good times don’t last long.

Ndakasi, the gorilla’s caregiver, di.ed of an il.lness last week at the age of 14. Though it is tr.agic that she di.ed at such a young age, her final moments revealed a legacy of love.

In the loving embrace of her keeper and dear companion, Andre Bauma, Ndakasi [br.eat.hed her last bre.ath].Ndakasi is no longer with us, but she will be remembered. And the efforts of those who gave her a second chance at happiness will continue to give hope to other orp.haned gorillas.

Thank you, Ndakasi, for your strong will to inspire so many people. Your image will live on in Virunga National Park forever!R.I.P Noakasi, how lovely was her trust in this man to di.e in his arms.

It proves how wonderful that love between humans and these trusting animals. So sorry for the hea.rtbre.ak that you all are going through! 💔❤God Bless this man for saving her and R.I.P sweet girl may you soar above with the angels. 💜🙏🙏


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