Embarrassing Moment: Grizzly bear hilariously cartwheels downhill in a dramatic, yet comical chase as an elk bolts for the river

Yup, this is as cool as it sounds. Bears and elk are both some of the coolest animals that roam our forests. Any interaction with them is spectacular, but seeing these two different animals doing anything is cool, so when something wild pops up, I will always be here for it.

Grizzly bears are one massive animal, weighing 600-pounds on average. They are known for their killing and love them some elk.

I mean, it’s hard to blame them for that, elk is widely considered the best game meat out there by many.

When a grizzly has the upper hand on an elk, it’s rare to seem them make it out alive. Grizzlies make calculated choices on how to get as much food as they can the easiest way. The love to target the young, old and wounded to give them as much of an advantage as possible.

That was what the grizzly was thinking when he came across this wounded bull elk on a hillside. The grizzly even had the uphill advantage, or so he thought.

The grizzly jumps and latches onto the hind on the elk that takes off downhill. Immediately the grizz falls off and cartwheels down before catching himself and continuing the chase. The wipe out gave the elk just enough space to get down into the river swimming away to its safety.

I love it.


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