Edward Snowden Sparks Controversy: Hints at Existence of Parallel Civilization on Earth, Prompting Speculation and Curiosity

These statements raise many questions, and it’s important to remember that the information provided by Edward Snowden regarding a parallel civilization on Earth and UFOs requires more careful verification and confirmation.

Snowden, a former CIA officer, became famous for leaking information about the US government’s surveillance of citizens. His latest claims about the existence of parallel civilizations are generating great interest, but they remain unconfirmed by the scientific community so far.

According to him, the US government has data on other humanoid life forms living on Earth that have evolved to a higher level than humanity. These life forms, according to Snowden, are not aliens but rather life forms adapted to our planet, existing here for millions of years, reports *russian news agency newsfrol.ru.

There has also been a claim that information about these entities, known as “extremophiles,” has been classified since the 1990s. However, there is still no broad scientific data or official evidence to support these claims.

Despite this, the topic of UFOs and parallel civilizations on Earth is attracting attention, especially in light of unexplained phenomena and numerous pieces of evidence that raise questions about unknown aspects of our planet.

“Extremophiles” is a term used to describe organisms capable of surviving extreme conditions that would be lethal for most living things. These organisms exhibit an incredible ability to adapt to conditions such as high or low temperatures, high pressure, acidic or alkaline environments, high levels of radiation, and even the absence of oxygen.

Some extremophiles are found in extremely harsh places on Earth, like deep oceans, volcanic vents, ice formations, and even high radiation environments. They survive and thrive due to unique adaptations and defense mechanisms that enable them to exist in such extreme conditions.

In the context of Edward Snowden’s claims, “extremophiles” can be considered organisms adapted to life in Earth’s depths or under ice sheets, potentially making them part of a parallel civilization. However, it’s crucial to note that this concept requires further detailed testing and scientific validation to establish the credibility of such claims.

The topic demands more research and testing to determine the truthfulness of the claims and their scientific foundation.


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