Dramatic images capture a rare instance of animal cannibalism, depicting a leopard consuming another leopard in a stark display of nature’s brutality

This incredible set of images show a majestic leopard climbing a tree and dragging the carcass of a fellow beast to the ground in its sharp teeth.

Incredible moment cannibal leopard kills and EATS a cub so its mother will MATE with him – The Sun | The Sun

The dramatic sequence shows the moment the bloodthirsty animal spots the carcass hanging from a branch.

Eyeing the big cat up the tree, the leopard dashes up to it and grabs it while dangling from the branches.

The cannibal leopard spots the carcass of a fellow beast hanging from a tree top and starts scaling the tree

Hanging from the branches the leopard grabs the carcass in its sharp jaws and drags it back to the ground

The awe-inspiring pictures were taken by Russian wildlife photographer, Sergey Gorshkov on a visit to Londolozi Private Game Reserve, South Africa.

‘My camera is my connecting link between me and wildlife,’ he said.

‘Through the lens of the camera I can see things, take pictures and try to reproduce the beauty of wild nature, a piece of what I have seen and how I felt being there.’

 Field guide Warrick Davey, 29, took the horrifying photos while he was taking a group of guests on a safari tour

He added: ‘I want to photograph wildlife as it is and how it should remain for our children

Leopards are the smallest of the big cats and are opportunistic predators.

They usually choose to eat gazelle, deer and wildebeest, but are known to kill and eat other leopards to mark out their territory and warn off competition for food.

Leopards are solitary animals who are under constant threat from humans who hunt them for fur.

The leopard stands on the tree with the dead body of a fellow animal in its mouth during the dramatic scene in South Africa


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