Dog Attempts to Protect Injured Friend After Tragic Car Accident Caught on Video

Heartbreaking video shows loyal dog try to protect his friend after he is hit by a car and left for dead on a busy road in Turkey

They are known as man’s best friend, who will stay loyal to the end.

But as this heartbreaking video shows, dogs are just as loyal to their own – even when put in a dangerous situation.

In this clip, a golden retriever trots on to a busy motorway in Turkey to protect his friend after he was hit by a car.

The injured dog lies helpless at the side of the road, but his companion rushes to his aid and pulls him to safety.

The fiercely loyal dog stands over his friend after he was hit and left for dead on a busy motorway in Turkey

The dog refuses to leave the side of his friend after he was hit by a car on the motorway in Turkey

Determined not to let him lie stricken on the side of the road, the dog grabs his friend and pulls him to safety

The dog then lies with his wounded companion at the side of the road, refusing to leave his side

He then patiently lies in wait at the side of the busy motorway.

The video was posted to the video sharing site, Live Leak.

In recent years, a number of stories have emerged of loyal dogs who stay by their companions, human and canine, for hours, days and even years after death, or otherwise find help for friends in sticky situations.

Last month, a dog called Cissy hit the headlines, when she disappeared from her yard in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, only to show up about 20 blocks away at Mercy Medical Centre.

Her owner, Nancy Franck, has been at the hospital for the last two weeks, after undergoing surgery for ovarian cancer.

In August 2014, loyal dog Tommy refused to leave the graveside of his owner Bhaskar Shri, 18, for two weeks after he died in a car accident.

Tommy went without food and water for 15 scorching days and freezing nights guarding his grave in Chennai, southern India.

In a similar case the month before, a fiercely loyal dog was found in the searing Oklahoma heat refusing to leave the side of his deceased owner

Animal control officers in Oklahoma City were called to the scene as the bull terrier fought hard to stay in the 100 degree Fahrenheit heat.


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