Crazy Video: Young Black Bear Risks It’s Life Climbing 80-Foot to Raid an Osprey Nest Near Lake Tahoe

In the brutal world of nature, sometimes an animal’s got to take risks.

Although black bears tend to be on top of whatever food chain they’re living in (unless they run into a grizzly), it doesn’t mean food is always readily available.

As human development expands through previously untouched forest land, all types of creatures are uprooted and forced to move. While some do a pretty good job cohabitating with people, others don’t and the overall population of animals will decrease quite dramatically when the humans come to town.

This can lead some animals to begin doing things they previously wouldn’t have dreamed of to try and get a meal.

Case in point, this black bear in the Lake Tahoe area.

While fishing in Emerald Bay, a wildlife photographer and tour guide noticed some commotion on the shore line and saw a young black bear scampering through the brush. As one does anytime a bear is nearby, he began watching with fascination as the bear spotted something way up in the skyline and started making a mad dash upwards.

Somehow, the bear saw (perhaps smelled) an osprey nest all the way up on the crown of an enormous dead tree and decided he was going to make a go at it.

Starting way down at the bottom, it begins shooting its way up, making very impressive time for the first half of the journey before things went south.

Here’s what the video’s caption has to say

All that work for nothing.

It would have been absolutely incredible to see how it would have attacked the problem of actually getting its paws or snout into the nest once it reached the top, but it was just far to dangerous for it to continue.

Some large risks come with a large reward; unfortunately others leave you with nothing.


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