Crazy Footage: Eagle Chicks Devour Deer Fawn Delivered by Mother in Stunning Nest-side Scene

Bald eagles are one badass bird, never ceasing to amaze.

Whether it’s catching a fish so big they have to swim to shore, bringing back a housecat to the nestor fighting a coyote over some food. Whatever they do, it just seems amazing.

Bald Eagle Preys On Fawn | Woods N Water News

I don’t know exactly what makes them so intriguing but I have a few ideas. One is that they are amazing predators with vision four times better than a human. They live to kill are very good at it. Another is just their size and looks, they are a true thing of beauty, just out there living free.

This eagle had a pair of chicks to feed and you can best believe she wasn’t going to leave them unfed. The chicks get noisy as they see their meal coming in. The mother eagle lands and drops of a large animal right at their feet.

Watch the video:

The eagles lose it and start chowing down as quick as they can.

As they continue to pull on, you realize that she brought them… a deer fawn.

Bald Eagle Chicks Devour Baby Deer

It just seems crazy that an eagle would be eating deer, but you can’t underestimate a predator like this.

The young eagles pick away at the fawn loving every minute of it. I can’t say I blame them either, that would be one tender deer.

Eagles are known to prey on deer fawns from time to time, just picking one off from the side of its mother and flying away to the nest. Can you imagine being a deer and even having to watch the sky for incoming trouble? It’s a rough life out there for some animals…

It’s a eat or get eaten world and these bald eagles are pretty much ruling it… as long as they can fly away.


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