Could UFOs Be Time-Traveling Humans from the Future? Professor’s Bold Speculation Unveils Intriguing Possibilities

A PROFESSOR claims he has evidence to prove UFOs are humans time travelling back from the future.

UFOs could be time-travelling humans says professor

Dr Michael P Masters, an anthropology professor from Montana Tech University, Montana, US, claims decades of UFO sightings and encounters have been mistaken and are actually distant descendants coming back to visit.

The doc has presented the bizarre theory in his new book titled “Identified flying object” which examines the long-term evolutionary change in human biology, culture, and technology.

A key piece of evidence that leads the professor to this theory is when most people report close encounters with aliens, they always seem to describe them in the same way.

Most sightings describe the supposed aliens as standing upright walking and have five fingers on each hand and foot.

The so-called terrestrial beings are bilateral, symmetric and they have two eyes, a mouth, a nose.

Many also claim they can communicate with us in our own languages.

“The phenomenon may be our own distant descendants coming back through time to study us in their own evolutionary past,” Michael said.

Alien abductions and medical examinations, in his opinion, prove time travellers are anthropologists much like himself.

The anthropologist, who specialises in UFO sightings, said these encounters can be explained scientifically, even if sceptics might consider this fringe science – an established field of study which departs significantly from mainstream theories.

Dr Masters said: “I continue to remain vigilant in my own scepticism.

“I do not have a staunch unwavering devotion to this notion and I do not claim to proclaim the truth.”

Dr Masters claimed going back in time to study ancient humans would be the “holy grail of palaeontology”.

YouTube conspiracist channel, secureteam10, uploaded the video over the weekend detailing the whacky new book.

Tyler, the channel’s owner further speculated that the futuristic aliens could be humans coming back to “help us in some way”.

The video has since received some 277,000 views.

Thousands of people have shared their thoughts on the video.

One person said: “Lots to think about there, Tyler! Thank you.”

Another bizarrely said: “No. UFOs are not time machines. They are inter-dimensional beings with machines that were constructed by fallen angels. That’s right – they’re demons.”

A third, however, added: “I don’t believe in time travel from the future. It doesn’t exist.”

Just last week, a “structure measuring hundreds of miles across” was captured “emerging from the moon’s surface”, but viewers have been left asking if all is as it seems.


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