Close Call: Daring Warthog Evades Furious Crocodile’s Jaws in Thrilling Escape, Mastering the High-Stakes Game of Survival

This is the moment a furious crocodile’s jaws missed a warthog by a whisker – after the animal foolishly tried to taunt it during a stand-off.

The warthog only narrowly escaped the snarling croc’s teeth as it ventured within inches of the predator at South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Don’t push me: The giant crocodile reacted with fury after the warthog came too close at a watering hole in South Africa’s Kruger National Park

Too close for comfort: Curiosity nearly killed the warthog when the crocodile took exception to it coming too close and lunged with its terrifying jaws open

Flash point: The warthog only narrowly escaped the snarling croc’s teeth as it ventured within inches of the predator

Ill-advised: The warthog turned tail and galloped away from the crocodile kicking up a cloud of dust as the reptile snapped its jaws

Unwisely, the inquisitive warthog trotted over to the crocodile and stood staring at it continually.

But after having had enough of the unwanted attention, the reptile finally snapped and narrowly missed the sow with a ferocious lunge.

The incredible pictures were taken by 48-year-old photographer Coen vd Berg, who said: ‘The warthog was so lucky to escape.

‘While her and her two babies drank water, the sow saw the crocodile lying about two metres out of the water on the bank. She walked up to the crocodile, stared at him and almost touched him.

Not in my back yard: The giant crocodile finally saw off its tormentor after taking a ferocious lunge at the sow

Seriously? Not content with her first brush with death, the warthog returns for another look – and this time brings her babies with her

‘After a few minutes, all havoc broke loose. The croc jumped up, launching himself forward and snapped at her with a very loud bang.

‘Luckily she was just out of reach and he missed by less than a foot.’

Incredibly, after such a lucky escape, the sow didn’t learn any lessons. Her and her babies took a tour around the deadly crocodile, even sniffing his tail.

Coen said: ‘They came so close to him, they started to sniff his side and tail. After a few minutes, they got bored and walked back to the water. They seemed so relaxed they even had a mud bath.’