Circus Puma Was Chained In Cage For 20 Yrs, But Dramatic Footage Captures His Incredible Rescue.

Mufasa the Mountain Lion spent 20 years in captivity. The majestic creature was one of thousands of wild animals held captive in Circus Companies around the world. Mufasa was an ill-appreciated addition to a Peruvian circus act that was left chained and neglected for the duration of his 20 year ordeal.

Thankfully, Animal Defenders International caught wind of Mufasa’s story and came with the cavalry to set him free. The Animal Defenders International had already been working their way through Peru eradicating the cruel practice of caging and training wild animals. Mufasa was the very last wild cat imprisoned by the Peruvian circus circuit, and thanks to their dedicated efforts was the last that will ever need to be rescued.


The dramatic rescue, captured in the video below, became so intense that riot police were called in to protect Animal Defenders International from circus employees. Finally, the Animal Defenders were able to cut Mufasa free from his chains and get the big cat ready for his new home.


The Defenders took Mufasa to an animal sanctuary deep in the Peruvian forest. Too week from his time in captivity to fend for himself, the Defenders built a custom enclosure for Mufasa that makes him feel right at home in his natural habitat.


Check out the adorable moment in the video below!

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