Brits’ Chilling Perception: Artist’s Rendering Depicts the Alien Appearance as Imagined by UK Citizens

People reckon extra-terrestrial beings would walk like humans, and have a similarly-shaped, oval head – except there would be two of them

From its two heads, all the way down to its webbed feet – this unnerving artist’s impression has been created based on what Brits believe an alien would look like.

The five foot tall extra-terrestrial would have long, lanky limbs – including three arms – and camouflaged skin, to blend in with its surroundings, according to 17% of those polled.

International UFO researcher Philip Mantle

The survey of 2,000 adults also revealed that four in 10 reckon they would walk upright, like a human, and communicate in their own, made-up language (43%).

Meanwhile, 36% believe their heads would be oval-shaped, like a human’s – but there would be two of them, along with three eyes and three ears, and green tufts of hair. But 17% think their ears would not be visible.

Will we know alien life when we see it?

Over a fifth (22%) reckon aliens would have 360-degree vision, and others think they would have a nose, like a human – but also gills, so they could breathe in and out of the water.

The survey was commissioned by BLAZE, which will be airing a series of documentaries as part of UFO Week.

International UFO researcher, Philip Mantle, who has teamed up with the media company, said: “When thinking about what extra-terrestrial life may look like, we just have to look at the diversity of life here on Earth to see how strange things can get.

Why extra-terrestrial life might not seem so 'alien' after all - BBC Sky at Night Magazine

“We humans, and other apes, are actually in a minority of being two-legged, upright beings. As for aliens, there are two arguments – the first is they would look far different than our human minds could ever imagine.

“The second is that aliens look pretty much like us as the upright hominid figure, with hands that have a thumb like ours – the exact shape designed by mother nature that enables us to be the top of the food chain both here on earth, and anywhere else “out there” too.”

Nasa's new Mars rover will use X-rays to hunt alien fossils - BBC Newsround

In terms of abilities, aliens would be able to read people’s minds (21%), teleport (20%), and speak all languages (20%).

The research, commissioned via OnePoll, found 31% believe aliens and UFOs are real – and 18% even think Earth will one day experience a space invasion.

Would alien life even be life as we know it?

And despite 52% arguing it’s unlikely aliens are already living among us, 17% have reported a UFO or alien sighting to the police.

A spokesman for BLAZE, which is airing the documentaries at 8pm tomorrow (Monday), on Freeview, added: “We may never actually find out what aliens look like, or proof that they exist, but it’s interesting to visualise based on the thoughts of the British public.


“Extraterrestrial creatures have been a staple of sci-fi films, TV shows, and video games for decades, which will have influenced our idea of what they look like.

“UFO Week will encourage the nation to think about life on other planets, and the possibility that one day we may come into contact with other lifeforms and UFOs.”


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