Breaking Chains of Suffering: After 25 Years in Rat-Infested Cage, Liberated Monkey Escapes Decades of Cruelty by Heartless Owner

The monkey looks out from the dark, his emaciated, dirty hands clutching onto the rusted wire which has kept him trapped in this tiny hole for a quarter of a century.

This tiny, damp hole has been his home ever since he was captured in 1991 and turned into a family pet – a spectacle for the neighbours to enjoy in this slum in downtown Bangkok, Thailand.

The rat-infested cage is so small, the macaque’s muscles had all but wasted away, leaving the animal barely able to stand.

And here he would have remained, were it not for a passer-by who spotted his mournful eyes, and decided to act.

Prisoner: Joe the macaque was kept in a tiny cage in a Thai slum by his owners from 1991 until he was finally rescued last week

Survival: The tiny rat-infested cage, which measured just 70 X 70 X 80cms, was crammed in between two buildings

Disgusting: Joe was dehydrated and barely able to stand when he was rescued from the slum by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailan

With only vague details to go on – only that the monkey was somewhere in the slum – the team set out, discovering the poor creature living in some of the worst conditions they had ever seen.

Grim: Joe would no doubt have stayed in the cage for the rest of his life had a passer-by not noticed the horrendous conditions

Freedom: Joe’s owner was happy to part company with his pet after he was approached by the wildlife charity

Recovery: Joe is already looking far healthier, just a few days into his new life at the animal sanctuary

Future: He isn’t climbing quite yet, but he has been spotted washing and his life expectancy has already improved

Joe – dehydrated, dirty and unable to walk – was sedated, and removed from the slum – allowing the team to reveal the full horror of the rubbish-filled cage where he had spent his years.


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