Brave Woman Has Removed Over 300 Fishing Hooks From Sharks

This brave diver bravely puts her hand inside shark’s mouths to save them ?

Meet Cristina Zenato, who is a world-renowned diver known as the ‘shark whisperer’ for her skilled work with sharks.

In an incredible video, you can see Cristina and her fellow divers in the crystal blue waters off the Bahamas surrounded by sharks

She fearlessly reaches into the fierce fish’s mouth to pull the fishing hook out.

The shark is at complete ease around her and seems unbothered as she reaches deep into its throat.

Cristina does wear chainlink body armor as a safety precaution.

The brave diver uses a special technique of rubbing the ampullae of Lorenzini – the name given to hundreds of jelly-filled pores around the creature’s nose and mouth – to send it in to a calm, meditative state.

It causes sharks to enter a natural state of paralysis for up to 15 minutes.

‘In my daily work and dives with sharks I am always removing their hooks,’ Ms Zenato was quoted as saying.

‘In this particular case it was harder than usual. After putting the shark in tonic I had to pull it from deep inside.’

Cristina has over 20 years of experience working with sharks, and her talents have been noticed by film and documentary makers all over the world, including the BBC and Nat Geo.

She is the dive team manager at the Underwater Explorers Society (UNEXSO) on Grand Bahama Island.

Watch the video:

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