Bloody Brawl for Dominance: 300kg Male Seals Engage in Intense 25-Minute Fight for Breeding Ground Supremacy

A series of photographs have captured the intense duel between two 300kg seals as they fought a furious battle over territory.

How elephant seals know who's boss in the mating game

The large, powerful bulls could be seen dripping with blood as they fought for more than 25 minutes on the coastline where seals flock in November and December every year to give birth to their pups.

The pair fought for an intense 25 minutes and traded deep bites as they smashed their 300kg bodies into each other

Blood can be seen dripping from their mouths as they bite each other while fighting over the territory

Every November and December, grey seals come to the Donna Nook coastline to give birth to their pups near the sand dunes – a wildlife spectacle which attracts visitors from across the UK

‘During this time the males fight to hold the best grounds and will often fight for dominance.

‘These two are fairly evenly matched and so engaged in a fight which involves bashing their bellies against each other and biting any part of their opponents body that they can, which is usually the fatty neck and shoulder area.

‘I was impressed by the power and the viciousness of the fight, but mostly the stamina of these two seals, the fight went on for at least 25 minutes with a few breaks so they could catch their breath before going at it again.

‘They slap the ground and bang their bodies against each other which makes a loud slapping sound which could be heard where I was stood about 75 metres away.

‘These seals probably ignore each other for the majority of the year but fight with incredible power and tenacity during the breeding season.

‘Both dominance and breeding territory will give the more powerful seals an advantage when it comes to mating with as many females as possible.’

Seals are large predators which can move surprisingly quickly and, having teeth similar to a dog, can inflict a nasty bite

Grey seal bulls can measure up to 2.6metres and weight around 300kg – making them formidable opponents

David Higgins said: ‘The fight went on for at least 25 minutes with a few breaks so they could catch their breath before going at it again’


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