Beyond the Encounter: Astonishing Claims Surface Suggesting Individuals Develop Extraordinary Skills After Experiencing Close Encounters with UFOs

Those who’ve had interactions with aliens have gone on to develop new talents including playing the piano without having lessons or having a ‘sixth sense,’ a spook claims

Humans who claimed to have had close encounters with UFOs developed extraordinary artistic talents afterwards, according to a former US defence department counter-intelligence expert.

One – who had not been able to play a note before – instantly became a “piano virtuoso” without a single lesson. Others were left with a so-called “sixth sense” – an extra-sensory perception allowing them to receive information via their minds to which ordinary folks were oblivious.

Former counter-intelligence special agent Luis Elizondo who headed the US Government’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program launched in 2007 to investigate UFOs, said people who claimed to have experienced close encounters could be physically and mentally affected by the experience.

Many reported suffering the effects of exposure to radiation – including sunburn and brain interference. But Luis told YouTube show Earthfiles not all the side effects of potential alien encounters were negative.

He said “preliminary data” existed supporting some individuals’ claims that they benefitted from meeting UFOs – aka unidentified aerial phenomena or UAPs.

“Rather than having some sort of negative biological consequence all of a sudden you have somebody who is now, for example, a piano virtuoso who has never sat in front of a piano before,” he said.

“Who now has become suddenly super artistic or claims to have some sort of extra sensory capabilities – a sixth sense – whereas before they didn’t.

“I have found that equally as interesting as a negative consequence.”

UFOs had knocked a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier offline in the 70s and shut down missile systems.

Luis said he would not be surprised if human minds were impacted too. Brain “scrambling” was a military warfare tactic.

Americans and Russians had studied using “non-human technology” to modify opponents’ behaviour.

“People can be manipulated,” he said.

“People can have their brains interfered with by UAPs.

“I would not think that’s a big leap at all.”

UK Defence Intelligence Analysis of the “biological effects of UAPs on humans” reported “several observers” of “Britain’s Roswell” – an apparent UFO landing near an airbase in Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk in 1980 – “were exposed to UAP radiation.”

Unexplained lights were spotted in the trees by US servicemen at nearby RAF Woodbridge – including the deputy base commander.

When they went to investigate they found three small impressions on the ground in a triangular pattern, burn marks and broken branches on nearby trees suggesting a craft had landed.

High radiation readings – double the surroundings – were recorded within the triangle with a similar small “burst” over picked up half a mile away.

The official report into the incident – published in 2000 – concluded there was a “high possibility” exposure to radiation during such an encounter “can effect the human brain.”


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