Area 51 Unveiled: Google Earth User Discovers ‘Giant UFO Surrounded by Tanks and Mystery Crashed Plane,’ Sparking Conspiracy Theories

GOOGLE Earth fanatics are convinced they’ve spotted a giant UFO “surrounded by tanks” in Death Valley.

Images of the mysterious site in Lone Pine Unified School District in California appear to show an abandoned boat alongside a 340-foot teardrop-shaped crater.

The ‘spooky’ 340-foot teardrop-shaped crater in Death ValleyCredit: Google Earth

Baffled by their discovery, Twitter user CryptoSpawn claimed it could be a “landing indentation from a large craft”.

And a plane wreckage appears to be just under nine miles away from the site, prompting CryptoSpawn to ask: “Did someone get too close and get shot down?”

They also point out that there appears to be a number of military tanks scattered around the central feature, as well as a bulldozer.

“There are several tanks that appear to be guarding the area,” the Twitter user wrote.

They added: “More weird stuff in the area. Looks like the skeleton of a plane and maybe some wreckage.”

Other users described the strange scenes as “spooky” and a “portal to hell”.

A crashed plane appears to be just nine miles from the site of the ‘portal to hell’Credit: Google Earth

Another alarmed member of the public said: “What kind of portal to hell is this?”

But a more sceptical social media user noted: “Looks to be for farming. You see all kinds of places like that when flying over.”

And another questioned whether it was just a lagoon.

One person also suggested the tanks could be decommissioned military vehicles which are being used for target practice by USAF bombers.

The area is some 150 miles southwest of Groom Lake airbase – also known as the location of the secret weapons testing zone Area 51.

In other news, a mysterious “metallic object” was also spotted on Google Earth by a popular YouTuber who thinks it’s a UFO.

Alien hunters also believe they’ve spotted a UFO “crash site” in a British Overseas Territory on Google Earth.

And UFO hunters are convinced they’ve found signs of an alien invasion in Google Earth snaps of Antarctica.


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