Archaeologists propose a captivating alien theory, suggesting Peru’s enigmatic Nazca Lines might have served as an ‘Alien Landing Strip’

Thanks to the “non-human” remains shown to Congress at the recent UFO hearing in Mexico, UFO enthusiasts are trying to unravel the mystery binding the Nazca Lines in Peru, which was once believed to be an “alien landing strip.”

The “alien corpses” were allegedly recovered from Cusco in Peru and if the claims are true, they are over 1000 years old. The UFO Hearing in Mexico City held on September 12 followed the one in the United States, and both events witnessed some common attendees.

Nazca Lines in Peru have been subject to ‘alien’ rumors

The Nazca Lines in Peru are a group of geoglyphs created by people of the ancient Nazac culture more than 2,000 years ago. Owing to its massive size, the view is best appreciated when seen from outer space or the foothills.

They were discovered by Peruvian archaeologist Toribio Mejía Xesspe in the 1920s, but the site has been explored by very few archeologists due to its size, which limits its complete visibility at ground level.

Apart from the drawing of animal shapes and geometric figures, the Nazca Lines were also associated with extraterrestrial lives, reports NBC.

Among several rumors surrounding it, one suggests the humongous site could have been “an alien landing strip.” However, there’s no evidence to prove it was the point of arrival for spacecraft or any unidentified flying objects.

‘Alien’ mummies found in Nazca

There is no proof that the so-called aliens visited Nazca Lines, but Russian researchers claimed a few years ago that they recovered “alien mummies” from the town of Nazca.

The discovery of the mummified “non-human” remains by researchers from St. Petersburg in 2017 supported the possible existence of three-fingered creatures with a “different anatomical structure to humans.”

The Evening Standard reports that Professor Konstantin Korotkov from the Russian National Research University told Sputnik news agency: “The tissue has biological nature and their chemical composition indicated that they are humans. Their DNA features 23 pairs of chromosomes, just like we have.”

However, the claims were brushed off as “fraud” by the World Congress of Mummy Studies, and the same was debunked by Metabunk with a detailed analysis of the said evidence.

What happened at the Mexican UFO Hearing?

The briefing on UFO/UAPs was headed by the Mexican journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan. The UFO investigators and fellow journalists presented before Congress the alleged “alien corpses” recovered in Cusco in Peru.

In addition to the results of the analysis conducted on the specimens, the briefing also displayed the X-rays of the “non-human” creatures and claimed that one of them had “eggs and ovaries.”

The UAP Hearing was conducted in the presence of the members of the government, Congress, former American pilot Ryan Graves, and other witnesses.

The event intended to shed more light on the undisclosed information about extraterrestrials while urging the government to look into the alleged evidence. However, neither the Mexican government nor Congress have confirmed the findings to be true.


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