Ancient Enigma Discovered: 10,000-Year-Old Cave Painting Reveals Depictions of Aliens and UFOs

Recent findings in India seem to support this notion. A cave in India has been uncovered with drawings dating back 10,000 years, depicting beings resembling the aliens we are familiar with today. Some UFOs are clearly visible in some of these artworks.

These paintings were most likely created by the local population a long time ago, possibly as a result of contact with an exceptionally advanced alien culture.

These unique paintings were unearthed near the tribal region of Bastar.

As a result of these recent discoveries, an increasing number of researchers are starting to embrace the ancient aliens hypothesis.

These 10,000-year-old Indian paintings seem to offer yet another reason to believe in the “Ancient Astronaut” idea.

Some residents in that area venerate these paintings and refer to the beings in them as “the small-sized ones.” According to their tradition, these alien beings arrived with the assistance of flying devices, and on each occasion, they took one or two residents with them.

Those who were abducted by aliens do not appear to have returned.

Their fate remains unknown today. In some of the artworks, these aliens can be seen wearing a type of spacesuit. In certain paintings, you can observe the absence of certain facial features, such as the nose or mouth.

Interestingly, similar artwork has been discovered in caves all over the world. This suggests that the same extraterrestrial civilization travels to various locations around the globe.