An old, blind dog, heartbreakingly abandoned in a dump, found a new lease on life thanks to the compassionate intervention of a charity, marking the beginning of a journey filled with love, care, and renewed hope

Mid-way through February 2018, charity Hope For Paws, situated in Los Angeles, received a call about an old dog abandoned in a recycling center.

Source: Hope For Paws

The animal was being fed by one of the center’s employees but seemed to be in a bad way. Two volunteers from the charity, Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz, aproached the dog cautiously, tempting it with treats.

Source: Hope For Paws

Nicknamed Duncan, the old dog was also blind and had clearly had a tough life. Lisa and JoAnn carefully and slowly put a collar around his neck, before trying to get him to come out from his hiding place.

Source: Hope For Paws

Duncan was then carried to the association’s car.

Source: Hope For Paws

And then brought straight to the vet.

Source: Hope For Paws

After an examination, the medical team discovered that Duncan, as well as being blind, suffered from dehydration, gum disease, corneal ulcers, a skin disease as well as two tumors.

Source: Hope For Paws

Watch the video:

After a good bath, the dog completely changed colour, losing all the dirt and dust that had accumulated on his skin over the year. He then started to show affection towards his rescuers.

Source: Hope For Paws

The adorable dog was then taken in by a temporary family where he discovered bit by bit all the pleasures life had to offer. He is now waiting to find his forever home.

Source: Hope For Paws


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