An emaciated dog, chained outside her whole life, is finally rescued and learning how to enjoy being a dog, a heartwarming transformation

We are hoping to celebrate by providing 3 million meals to shelter pets, but we need your help. Join us in our mission to feed shelter pets across the country. Animal shelters and rescues are in desperate need of nutritious pet food, as new pets arrive daily.

Gidget is this year’s spokesdog and just one of the lives saved thanks in part to your generous food donations.

The timid pit bull spent her entire life outside on a heavy chain with just a dirty old shack for shelter. She was never able to run and play as a puppy should, nor was she ever shown any kindness.

After three years of neglect, her owners finally decided to surrender her during an extreme cold front. The Underdogs Rescue arrived to rescue her but was unable to remove the chain that was embedded into her neck, so they took it with them. She was rushed back to the warm shelter.

Sweet Gidget was in horrible shape. She arrived emaciated, anemic, riddled with roundworms and whipworms, and had an infection in her mouth. She was also heartworm-positive and had fluid in her abdomen that may be indicative of heart damage.

The journey to recovery has been long but Gidget has finally experienced love, so it is all worth it. She has already gained weight and is starting to come out of her shell.

She was treated for worms and started on a nutritious diet, which was provided thanks to your generous donations to the GOODS program. Her devoted foster family is thrilled to see her start to resemble a happy and healthy dog.

At first, she was extremely nervous and would spin in circles outside, but she now plays and even does zoomies in her backyard.

She is being spoiled with a soft bed, several toys, and unlimited cuddles and affection. Car rides and walking on a leash are still works in progress but she is realizing for the first time in her life that she is safe and loved. She will remain in her foster home until her forever home is found.

This amazing transformation takes a team of devoted rescue workers, caretakers, and support from programs like Greater Good Charities’ GOODS Program that provides donated nutritious pet food and supplies to animal rescues and shelters around the country. This ensures that the animals are fed and allows the shelter to use the saved money to care for pets in desperate need, like Gidget.

Rescue pets like Gidget all over the country need your help. July is one of the busiest months of the year for many shelters and rescues, and more animals means more hungry bellies. Food is the largest expense for shelters and one that they struggle to afford on their minimal budgets.


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