An abandoned Pit Bull, seeking solace, snuggles with his tiny Yorkie friend, both waiting hopefully for someone to rescue and help them

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A Good Samaritan discovered an abandoned pit bull and a Yorkie mix snuggling on the streets and waiting for someone to help them.

Thankfully, the person made the right decision and called Suzette Hall of Logan’s Legacy in Irvine, California.

Hall is no stranger to rescuing abandoned dogs on the streets of California. She’s come across heartbreaking and endearing situations, including one pup who was dumped outside with all her belongings.

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This call was something different, though. The pit bull and Yorkie may be somewhat unlikely friends, but they were clearly inseparable and eager for help.

In an interview with The Dodo, Hall said: “They were just little partners in crime…I got out and started talking to them, and they were so excited. They looked at each other and started wiggling their tails as if they were saying, ‘Oh my gosh, somebody did come for us. Look, somebody’s here!’”

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Hall shared about the rescue on Facebook, explaining that she named the pittie Thelma and the Yorkie-mix Louise.

She said Louise ran right to her, but Thelma was a little more difficult to catch. “Most people would have left the pit behind, but not on my watch,” Hall wrote. “I truly have not seen a bond quite like this before.”

Eventually, she got them both secure in her van and drove them to the vet. Louise and Thelma were examined at the Camino Pet Hospital and found to be in good health. They needed some TLC and Louise was in desperate need of a bath and some grooming, but overall, they were healthy.

Hall shared in the comments of the Facebook post that Thelma and Louise are currently waiting on a foster home and eventual placement with a forever family.

Hall told The Dodo, “They have to be together. They are so in love.”


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