A red-faced leopard appears on the brink of nausea after a fierce fight with a porcupine, ending up with a face full of quills in a painful miscalculation

Prickly: This leopard, pictured at the Kruger National Park in South Africa, tried to make a porcupine his dinner

This hungry leopard got more than he bargained for after trying to pounce on a porcupine – and ended up with a face full of prickly quills.

The big cat looked like it was ready to throw up as he tried to pull the spiky quills out of his face after picking a fight with the wrong animal.

Ouch: This leopard looked like it was ready to throw up as he tried to pull the spiky quills out of his face after picking a fight with a porcupine

Painful: Helgard de Villiers said the leopard ‘definitely came off second best’ after the fight

Prickly: The leopard came off second best after a ‘huge fight’ with an angry porcupine in South Africa’s Kruger National Park

He said the two animals became embroiled in a ‘huge fight’ behind some bushes before the leopard emerged licking its wounds.

Persistence: Hungry like the wolf, this leopard ignored the pain and continued its quest to get a bite to eat

‘I saw the leopard approaching through the bush and noticed that he was aware of something to the right of him,’ Mr de Villiers said.

‘He suddenly charged and two Porcupines scattered.

‘The leopard went for the biggest one and got hold of him using one of his paws.

War wounds: The big cat spent hours trying to remove the quills after emerging from a fight with a porcupine

Sticky situation: The leopard emerged with quills stuck all over its body and spent hours using its paws and teeth to pull them out

Self medication: Photographer Helgard de Villiers caught the scene on camera while photographing the animals in the Kruger National Park, South Africa

Licking his wounds: The leopard could be seen in ‘a lot of pain’ as it emerged from its brush with the porcupine

‘There was a huge fight, most of which took place behind a bush.

The battle commenced and the leopard suffered for its supper by being speared by the quills in its muzzle, chest, and paws

‘The next thing I knew, the leopard then emerged, obviously in a lot of pain and it took him more than an hour to take out numerous quills.

‘He was lucky to live and tell the tale but he definitely came off second best this time. It was amazing to see.’


Still standing: The leopard went for the biggest porcupine it could find and got hold of him using one of his paws

Back on track: The leopard lived to tell the tale after removing spines from its body


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